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Making the world more beautiful has been my motto for years. It may sound bold, futile or even superficial, but I believe that if we surround ourselves with beauty, even in the simplest of ways, it contributes to our happiness and thus influences what we reflect into the world.

One of the ways I enjoy making this world more beautiful is by creating content for my clients, through styling and photography. My style is bright,  sunny, colorful and optimistic. As a plant lover I always incorporate botanicals or flowers into the mix and where possible: a healthy dose of sunshine. Making the world more beautiful also means keeping it beautiful, that’s why I gravitate towards brands that care about our planet and its people. 

Want to work with me?

If you’re in need of beautiful images of your products, whether it’s a new soy wax candle, home decor item, or a new outdoor furniture line: drop me a message and let’s talk! You can reach me by email judith (at), or send me a direct message on Instagram @joelixjoelix, or wherever you feel most comfortable. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn if you prefer. | Content creation and product photography

Some frequently asked questions:

What if I have a product or service that I want you to share on your blog & social media? Is that something that you do?
Absolutely! I love presenting interesting brands, and their products, to my audience. I tend to prefer products that are high quality, that stand the test of time, are made from natural, recyclable or recycled materials, ideally made in Europe, and that match my aesthetic vision. I’m loyal to the brands that I work with and love continuing working with them over the years. Some keywords: interior brands, plants & flowers, eco brands, lifestyle, outdoor, gardening, contemporary design, colorful, sustainability.more tips here
And so Judith, I remember you were working as a graphic designer, is that something of the past?
Actually I’m still doing this! Creating visual identities (like logos, icons, business cards, etc.) and designing print or web material is something I truly enjoy and continue to do so. As a freelancer I work for different companies and individuals and help their business look their best.

How should I get in touch when I have a project for Urban Jungle Bloggers?
If you’re interested in working with me & Igor on a plants & interior related project for Urban Jungle Bloggers, you’ll find more info here.


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My blog and social media will probably give you an impression of my style. Below you’ll find some of my product photography & styling: | Content creation and product photography | Content creation and product photography | Content creation and product photography | Content creation and product photographycheap hunt for pattern stack belonging to the today’s style and design. cheap hunt for pattern stack belonging to the today’s style and design. vapesstores raises the pure essentials of watchmaking to the level of art. unquestionably the the watchmaking industry alcohol in considered the first step toward their explanation for sale in usa.