Bienvenue ! Welcome to my crib… or actually, my online playground called my blog ; ) My name is Judith de Graaff, I’m a Dutch designer living in France. Whether you are here because of the plants, colors, travel or design posts, or through a (happy) accident: have a look around. In recent years, I’ve been working on an array of different projects, trying to make the world a little bit more beautiful, greener and colorful. We moved from our industrial loft in the Oise (near Paris) to the Ardèche last year and we’re now decorating and slowly exploring our new home region. What else? A few years ago we adopted 3 black cats, I tend to go on weekly junkhunting trips and travel often for Urban Jungle Bloggers. Oh and I wrote the Urban Jungle book and Plant Tribe book with my friend Igor. For more daily updates, find me on Instagram Stories… A bientôt !