Bienvenue ! Welcome to my crib… or actually, my online playground called my blog ; ) My name is Judith de Graaff, I’m a Dutch designer living in France. Whether you are here because of the plants, colors, travel or design posts, or through a (happy) accident: have a look around. In recent years, I’ve been working on an array of different projects, trying to make the world a little bit more beautiful, greener and colorful. At the moment I live not far from Paris, in a huge loft that we renovated ourselves. It’s currently for sale, as we’re moving to the South of France. What else? Last summer we adopted 3 black cats, I tend to go on weekly junkhunting trips and travel often for Urban Jungle Bloggers. Oh and I co-wrote the Urban Jungle book with my friend Igor. For more daily updates, find me on Instagram Stories… A bientôt !