2 Dahlia girls

My grandmother had dahlias in her garden (click here for a peek) and I think that's the only memory I have of these flowers. As a little girl I liked the colors but not their spikey petals. Through the #2flowergirls project I rediscovered them, not far from our home in one of the community gardens. Like in my grandma's garden, there was a small flower bed along the border of the garden with numerous kinds of colorful dahlias. Some even look a bit like bundled "rolled tongues". That made me smile 🙂

If you want to join and spread some dahlia love in October, it's easy: read more about it on Madame-Love and Glomerylane.

21 thoughts on “2 Dahlia girls

  1. OH MY. I think that first photo could be the most beautiful photo I have ever seen. I love the softness yet sturdy feel the Dahlia expresses. I always love seeing your photos, they make me feel good. Thank you for sharing! xx

    1. Oh wow you make me blush Jocelyn! I really liked how you styled your dahlias: very delicate and the mini Thonet chair is just so adorable! xx

  2. Oh the Dahlias are the peonies of the fall. They are really pretty. I may jump on the bandwagon because we also have a Dahlia garden just few blocks away.

  3. Hi Judith, it's so funny I can just say exaclty the same about dahlias: from my granma's garden (when I did not quite like them) till today when I suddently have discovered their beauty. Love your last picture specimens.
    Like your blog more and more :-) should make more time to follow on projects and ideas.

    1. Thank you Stefania for your kindness! So nice to hear that you like my blog more and more. I hope it inspires you indeed to take more time for nice projects and just make it happen. It's not always easy to do so, with a family and/or a busy job, but it's so gratifying and simply makes me happy :)

  4. Hey Judith,

    thank you for your visit and your kind words!
    Your dahlia-pics touched my heart so you are one of my “fortune-clicks for the Weekend” – a friday cloumn on my blog ;)
    And I still joined the #2flowergirls theme this month ;)
    Here is my direct link

    best wishes

    1. Thank you so much, Jules! Very happy that you enjoyed my dahlia pictures and thanks for including me in your friday column! It's such a nice project, I hope you enjoyed participating too :)

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