8 years at Studio Sapique

Today, exactly 8 years ago we moved into Studio Sapique! What an adventure it has been!
I think if we would have known all the obstacles we had to overcome, we would have never moved here that day. But after all I'm glad we did. We've learned so much, about each other, about ourselves, about technical stuff, the cold, about the Oise, about patience…

In a few months a new adventure will begin, as we will be 3 living at Studio Sapique! Rose is coming to live with us for 6 months during her internship in Paris! Fun!

If you like, you can read more about our home & adventures in my Vintage Sapique columns. I know I promised you another few Sapique webisodes: I hope I can share them with you soon! *wink wink Nick*
You can also have a look at some pictures of our home in IKEA live magazine.

The best advice I can give you after this entire renovation process? Just do it!

(photo by Adrian Briscoe for IKEA Family live magazine)

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