Casual Friday Sun

The nice spring weather adds two perks to our cinema room. First, it creates beautiful shadow patterns everywhere:

And second: the sun encourages our little mandarin tree to bloom. The blossom makes the entire room smell amazing!

I wrote about our cinema room before: here and here. Have a happy & sunny weekend!

18 thoughts on “Casual Friday Sun

  1. What a fab room! So light and airy – and red is my favourite colour.

    Love the cinemagraph you made – it showcases the interplay between light and shadow perfectly.

    Enjoy your weekend! :)

  2. Thank you for little play of light and shadow! Now, the only thing that's missing is the smell of the mandarins. You need to create an “odorogram”!

    1. Ja, ik geef 'm nu hij weer uitschiet en bloeit iedere dag water, ze schijnen van vocht te houden. En van veel direct zonlicht, dus hij staat lekker voor het raam :o)

  3. Love the special effect. I learned how to do that in my recent Blogshop course but have't tried it since – perhaps a fear of messing up the steps. Beautiful light in your home. A cinema room sounds amazing. Have a good week Judith. xx

    1. Merci Geraldine! You should try doing an animated gif, it's so much fun to make :o) And don't worry about the steps, there are lots of tutorials out there (or just send me a message if you're stuck, I'd love to help you out!).

  4. Love the animated image… They are really fun to do. Have you heard about cinemagraphs? they are doing a great job on animated images.

    1. Actually this is a cinemagraph too (made with a short video) :o) Maybe you wanted to refer to someone who makes great ones? Like Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg? Theirs are AWESOME!

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