Urban Gardening

The evening before The Hive in Berlin I was invited by DaWanda to attend a special soirée about Mobilising Communities. A few speakers told us about their community based projects. I was very much inspired by one of the projects called Stadtgarten. The idea is simple: Stadtgarten is an internet-based platform that helps groups of people grow their own fruit and veggies.

The special thing about gardening à la Stadtgarten is that they cultivate the whole garden together, without separating it into individual beds or allotments for people. All info about things that need to be done in the garden is gathered online. No mather if you are FlexiFarmer of a HardcoreFarmer, you know exactly what needs to be done at any given time. And when it's time to harvest, every Farmer gets what corresponds to the share of work contributed to running the garden over the season.

We have quite a big garden here at Studio Sapique and I love (trying) to grow my own vegetables. But how cool would it be to have some help and expertise from other local Farmers and to share the harvest?

Right outside the Betahaus was this incredible Prinzessinnengarten. Open to the Kreuzberg community where it produces local vegetables and fruit. In the middle of the garden is a place to relax under the trees and to enjoy a meal with "homegrown" ingredients. It was inspiring to see so many different cultures working together as a community. I just loved it there!

5 thoughts on “Urban Gardening

  1. Wat een geweldig mooie foto’s heb je op je blog staan! Heb me ook nog staan verwonderen bij de ingang van de prinzessinnengarten; had er graag even rondgelopen…maarja, we hadden een strak schema. Nu heb ik het toch een beetje gezien.
    Dank en leuk je te ontmoeten bij The Hive!


  2. Dankjewel Anne! Inderdaad gezellig om je te hebben ontmoet. Misschien volgend jaar weer? Dan moet je zeker ook even gaan kijken in de Prinzessinnengarten, het is er zo mooi!

  3. Nice blogpost about a beautiful place.. Started my own small 'stadtgarten' in my backyard when I got home ;-)

    I like your blog, very inspiring!

    1. Hmmm sounds wonderful! I hope Prinzessinnengarten will still exist next year, as apparently they are having problems continuing this garden… Definitely a very inspiring place!

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