A light breeze

With the mercury reaching temperatures of up to 37°C (100°F) here in France, the world smells so much better. Nothing beats the wonderful smell of fresh air and sunshine, sunscreen, outdoor bbq's, seaside and fresh lemon drinks. This asks for some light and airy designs. Here are a few of my current favorites.
J3 Production published the 3rd edition of the At Your Leisure magazine full of inspiration and beautiful images.
Dutch family business in synthetic pottery Elho introduces the Elho raindrop water tank (on page 182-184). It looks amazing and makes using rainwater so easy!
Prepare a cool jelly pudding for your family or leave it for the jelly loving ants around the house.
A tip for parents traveling with their little ones this summer: in august Appracadabra will launch their new website & 1st app with wonderful children's apps in their own language. Each app will have a playful yet educational element and most of their apps are available in 16 different languages, ranging from Arabic to Lithuanian and Swiss German.

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