Baking some LEGO pastries

What do you do when it's raining & you've just found several new Lego sets in the stash of your husband? You build a Lego bakery! Including 1 croissant, 2 baguettes & cupcakes! Any idea what these stacks of tiny "balls" are? Maybe chouquettes? Or oranges?
Even though I'm not a big fan of pre-fab Lego, ( I rather prefer basic bricks ), the pastries are really cute!
Did you play with Lego as a kid? And do you or your kids still play with Lego?

6 thoughts on “Baking some LEGO pastries

  1. TOO CUTE!

    I love it when toys get culture-specific. Reminds me of a Japanese toddler I taught during my summer job as a playschool assistant. All the kids in her group had play kitchens, but hers was the only one with a little sushi set. The pieces were stuck together with velcro so she could “chop” them with a little plastic knife, then put them back together. Amazing!

    I played with Legos when I was a kid, too :)

  2. So cool! This is the first time I see these. My house is full of Lego, but mostly Star Wars. I never played with Lego! The only toys I ever played with were Strawberry Shortcake ones!

    1. Hmmm profiteroles! The Lego Architecture boxes are cool indeed. But building your own version of a building is even cooler ;o) I tried Studio Sapique, but I'm out of bricks to finish it…

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