Chasing Buoys

Inspired by this colorful installation of buoys in the garden of our little house in Galicia, we went beachcombing on the nearby beach. We found quite a lot of buoys which we turned into a little Chinese b(u)oy.

Part of our stash:

Look how cute he looks with his necklace:

Chasing the beach for buoys was great fun: it felt a bit like strolling through a flea market. Plus it tidied up the beach a tiny bit. Do you like chasing boys… ehm buoys?

2 thoughts on “Chasing Buoys

  1. Judith, your blog is really nice. At least once a day, I love coming to rest my eyes on your beautiful photos. This is an effective remedy when I try to delete some images, horrible and violent, which are rooted in my mind.
    Thank you.

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