Five tips to keep running | Five tips to keep running

Ten months ago I started running every other day and I still do. I never considered myself a sportswoman and when someone recently introduced me as "sporty", it made me laugh out loud. Me? But of course: my instagram feed is filled with pictures of my running kicks and I really run very often. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy it and want to share some tips with you today to keep or start running. | Five tips to keep running
TIP 1 Start an Instagram series. My virtual cheerleaders are the best! And thinking about creating an image helps to focus on something else than minutes, speed, acceleration and personal records. | Five tips to keep running
TIP 2 Invest in good running shoes and don't succumb to cool brands or colors. I tried many "pretty" sneakers, but my Decathlon Kalenji shoes support my feet perfectly well. I wish they'd be prettier, but well… function over vanity 😉 | Five tips to keep running
TIP 3 If you're a woman: invest in a good sports bra. I see so many runners with painfully bouncing breasts. Don't risk breast tissue damage and painful back & shoulders! I warmly recommend this Panache Sports bra (it comes in many cool colors too!) | Five tips to keep running
TIP 4 Find your rhythm. Don't compare yourself to marathon (or 5K/10K) runners and runners that overtake you. No matter how slow you go, you're still lapping the people on the couch. Also find a rhythm in your schedule. Maybe you like running before the world wakes up in the morning or just before dinner? I usually run during lunch breaks, which is easy as I work from home. But when I have meetings, I try to fit it in at another moment. Every other day works for me. | Five tips to keep running
TIP 5 Don't push too far. I once did and ended up with painful shinsplints (still recovering…). Simply enjoy being outside while improving your health. Don't feel like running today? Simply go for a short run and run a little longer next time.

And above all: enjoy! (and if running is not your thing: don't waste your time!)

You can collow my runs on instagram. And if you already do: thank you so much for the support! xx

16 thoughts on “Five tips to keep running

  1. I love the last sentence. That's me :-) I cannot say I don't like running since I've never really tried it, but I'm so exhausted once I get to the end of my street (and it isn't a long one ;-) that I feel I could die if I go even further. But when I see people running I say to myself there must be some kind of pleasure in doing it. What I love above all is to practice outside. That's why I walk :-) I feel like I should find somebody to start running with. I love all your tips (and I adored your ig shots … I wonder if I could find so many patterns over here though). Bravo for this running experience. Je t'embrasse i.

    1. Thanks a lot for all the support, Ilaria! Walking is great too, right? But maybe, as you suggested, a running buddy is more motivating for you and helps it to be a little bit more fun. You'll be surprised about how many patterns you'll find along the way. I think in France they just love them :D

  2. Wow, Judith, thank you for the tips! Last year I used to run but I got too lazy over the winter :-) Now I´m done with step 2 – I bought new running shoes. I must start slowly and find my rhythm but I really can´t wait :-))

  3. What a nice series of pictures and tip! I will try to follow them. I actually did run in my life sometimes, but unfortunely never fell in love with it. My best personal record was running everyday in a row for a month, ages ago in the UK when I was living at the time.
    My best memories linked with running are in a University campus where I used to run with a friend, lovely green grass and trees. Best place really to do it ;-)
    since then I do it sporadically. I wish I could fall in love with it, maybe I try the instagram trick ;-)
    In the meantime I follow yours.

    1. Thank you for all the support, Ilaria! And for sharing your running memories too. Running around campus sounds pretty nice. But if it's not really your thing it's hard to keep up. But you also walk, right? liefs!

  4. Great tips Judith! I used to run 10km 5 times a week, but since we moved to SF I got somehow lazy. But now I'm running again. And it feels so good, even if I'm slower than before. I don't really compare myself to others but from time to time I use someone else as motivation to speed up a little bit. ;)

    1. Wow, Ana! You were quite the runner! How often do you run these days? I agree: sometimes it's fun when someone overtakes me, but we have some very fast (male) runners running around here and they go sooooo fast :D Enjoy your runs, Ana!

  5. ha, I just managed to get a stress fracture in my left foot about four weeks ago. from running. no cast, but I'm off for at least two more months. couldn't even do yoga in the beginning… :(

    1. Ouch, that sounds horrible! How did you fracture your foot? By plain running? Or did you make a bad movement? For the last 2 months or so I have shinsplints but I just cannot not run. So I go on shorter runs (and sometimes skip a day to give my legs some rest). Running injuries s*ck!! Hope your foot heals well & fast!

  6. I love this post. And I've loved cheering you on over the last 10 months. You should be seriously proud of yourself. I used to be an avid runner but after having neck surgery I had to stop. Maybe one day I'll be able to get back to it. You don't mention music. Do you run without it? That's one thing I absolutely needed to get through my runs. Will you bring your running shoes to Italy next month?!

    1. Thank you so much for all the cheers, Jill! It would have been so less fun without them ;) And you have a point: no music! I know it helps to make running more fun, but I'm easily bored by it and it's quite dangerous where I run. I started running with music, but sometimes didn't hear cars, bikes or mopeds approaching. Plus quite a lot of people around here, make comments or cheer me on. Anyway, I prefer running without it. Not sure if I'll bring my gear next month, maybe I'll give my legs some rest and use the extra space in my suitcase for fabric scraps ;) xx

  7. wow, judith this is genuinely inspiring! I have been wanting to get fit again for about 2 years, always starting and then stopping after a few weeks. The instagram series is a great idea! x

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