Gnome’s homes

While it has been snowing in large parts of Europe ( it IS december after all! ), we enjoyed a nice autumn sun in the Oise this last couple of days. Flipping through one of my photo albums I found these two photos of myself in the forest nearby our home ( wearing the same dress as here ). At age 2 I learned that inside a mushroom live these tiny gnomes. And if you listen carefully, you'll hear them talk.

It's clear that I took this very seriously. I wonder what I thought the gnomes were saying.

Thirty years later we have mushrooms in our garden, but I didn't hear a single gnome…

6 thoughts on “Gnome’s homes

  1. Ohhh so very cute!! Your very concentrated face is just too nice! I love mushrooms, I have so many pics on my instagram that the few people who follow me probably think I'm nuts! But they are so beautiful. I've never heard them (the gnomes), but I'm sure one day I will!!

    1. Hahaha autumn is so pretty, so I totally get it that you're instagramming so much! You should definitely try listening to the gnomes some time, Lein suggested to listen more carefully & to believe ;o)

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