Going back to Italy

JOELIX.com | analog picture of laundry Venice, Italy 1999

In a week from now I'll be on a plane to Italy! It has been well over a decade since my last visit and I'm super excited to go back.
When I was 16 I was very impressed by the Italian guys and Italian shoes. At 17 it was lambrusco that made my head spin in Rome. And at 19 I was even more impressed by the giant collection of contemperary art at the Venice Biennale. The national pavillions blew my mind: so many cultures and different approaches to modern art, craftsmanship and aesthetics. With my analog Minolta camera I took pictures of the art and city of Venice only. No selfies or pictures of friends as you can see.

JOELIX.com | analog picture of Venice, Italy 1999

Next week I hope to be impressed by ice cream, design and friendship as I'll be strolling around Milan during Design Week with dear blog friends.
Have you ever been to Milan? I know some of you here are Italian and even though we'll have a wonderful guide, maybe you have a recommendation of a place that we shouldn't miss in Milan? Grazie mille!

JOELIX.com | analog picture of Venice Biennale, Italy 1999

JOELIX.com | analog picture of Venice Biennale, Italy 1999

JOELIX.com | analog picture of Venice, Italy 1999 blago

All pictures were taken by me in 1999 in Venice, Italy with my analog Minolta camera.

8 thoughts on “Going back to Italy

  1. Ok, I'll have to get used to these blago14 posts even though they hurt… I hope you'll have a fantastic time – I know you will – and maybe I can make it next year…?

  2. Here, an italian girl from Milan!
    Well, with Jillian you are in safe hands ;)

    My fav place/things/food:
    * panzerotti di Luini {close to Duomo}
    * visit the Duomo and go on the roof top
    * Brera area {perfect to walk around and have a coffee}
    * gelato at “GROM” http://www.grom.it/eng/index.php http://www.grom.it/ita/dettagli_gelateria.php?id_gelateria=23&citt%E0=Milano
    * if you like shoes, “Mauro” Corso di Porta Ticinese 60
    * Navigli area {in the evening, for aperitivo or happy hour}

    Divertiti a Milano, fai tante foto! ;)

    1. Grazie mille for your tips Ilaria! The Brera & Naviglia area and Panzerotti are on our list. I'll think of you when tasting it (for the very fist time)! xx

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