Guest blog on IKEA Family live

Yeah, this week is yellow week on my blog, as today my first blogpost goes live as a guest blogger for IKEA Family Live! It includes a delicious recipe by my lovely husband: a true surpRICE! Check it out here.

And there's more IKEA news, as you can now read our home story online too, with some additional pictures from our home. By the way it feels a little weird to see myself on the cover photo of the IKEA FAMILY LIVE Facebook page:

9 thoughts on “Guest blog on IKEA Family live

  1. So neat! I just checked out your home tour and your guest blogger post. Amazing. You must be so proud. You guys have the most beautiful house. And I'm still so impressed with your husband's cooking skills…

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Jillian! Oh yes, my husband is such a great cook. This recipe is easy though, you should give it a try some time :o)

  2. I'm in awe of your wonderful home. Did I read you have a stationery shelve? Oh, you must show it one of these days! Oh, and that entrance with all those plants, my oh my!!!

    1. Thanks Giova! And yes, I did claim a few shelves of our bookcases to stock some of my “stuff”. I'll consider showing it anytime soon :o)

  3. Ha! I spotted the same Cathouse I have at my home,here at these nice pictures of your home :-) My cats love it too! They switch several times a day just to take a quick nap!

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