I’m lost in Cheeseland

Maybe you've seen it? Last friday I was featured on Lindsey's wonderful blog called Lost in Cheeseland. As part of the Franco File Friday series I answered a few questions about my life in France.

Although my day-to-day life certainly doesn't consist of (only) sipping wine & munching on cheese, and whilst I sometimes struggle with French bureaucracy, and miss my Dutch family, the decision to move to France (almost 11 years ago) has been one of the best we've ever made. We've built a home, made new friends, tasted lots of delicious things, discovered wonderful new places…
So I'm definitely not lost in Cheeseland: I'm at home here! And you? Where do you feel at home?

Photos taken at Palais Royal, Paris

16 thoughts on “I’m lost in Cheeseland

  1. It sounds cheesy, but home is where my guy is. :)
    We moved couple months ago from Hamburg to San Francisco and we love it here. We really feel this could be our home for a while. :) California is really addicting. Ok today, Karl the Fog is in the town, but usually this weather and this nature makes you don't want to leave.

    1. Home is where the heart is ;o) I've seen many people fall in love with SF, but have never been there myself… Karl's twitter account is hilarious :D

  2. Loved seeing you over on Lindsey's blog… that GIF is brilliant! Happy when people are happy where they live.

    For me, a Kraut, it's London and I have a feeling this is it. I call it my spiritual home x

    1. Time to celebrate then! 30 years in London! Me too, I'm happy when people live where they're happy, although dreaming of other places can be really nice too ;o) (as long as they don't start to complain about their current place!!)

  3. Had het ook gezien. Onmiskenbaar, je foto!
    Grappig ook je antwoord over de franse bureaucratie …zucht.
    Maar erg leuk (petit)interview.

  4. Lovely article!
    I've lived/studied in Rome for half a year, of which four were quite tough and full of culture shock. Back in the Netherlands I missed Rome so much it hurt! I keep longing for another couple of months somewhere else, but the more I attach my feeling of home to the friends and family surrounding me the harder it gets to take of. I don't want to leave them behind anymore.

    1. Leaving friends & family is tough. But we're lucky: we're only 3 1/2 hours away from them, which makes it easy to see them ever so often. Rome is beautiful, I can only imagine that it hurts to leave the city and your temporary Roman lifestyle… Did you ever go back?

      1. First two years four times a year :). And now every two years. It really feels like a second home, although my Italian is slowly getting worse and worse… Still in touch with friends from back then too (who have all emigrated from Rome by the way! > loads of nice places to visit :)).

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