Les grandes vacances

JOELIX.com | Château de Pierrefonds

Not going on holiday in the summer months is such a joy. Don't get me wrong, I love to travel and would hop on a train, boat or plane in a second. But it's nice to work while life slows down around you. Many of my French clients are en vacances, which means my phone doesn't ring as often. The harbour in front of our home is empty, the school and the snackbar are closed. The cordonnier is on holiday and we find cheesy postcards in our mailbox from dreamy destinations. And I love that my instagram timeline is filled with sun drenched holiday pictures.

JOELIX.com | Château de Pierrefonds

It also allows me to sneak out of the house and spend a random weekday at the Castle of Pierrefonds and eat violet & liquorice icecream. Or to make lots of ice cream myself and work on nice projects for La Rentrée. Because life starts all over again in September 😉

JOELIX.com | Château de Pierrefonds

These are a few of my favorite details of the Château de Pierrefonds, a half hour drive from our home. The BBC series Merlin was filmed here and really, it's how you'd imagine a real fortified castle. I'm particularly fond of the hand painted hedgehogs with golden details. There are thousands on the walls in one room, they're all slightly different and the reflections of their gold stripes in the light is so gorgeous.

JOELIX.com | Château de Pierrefonds golden hegdehogs

Are you working this summer? Or did you already enjoy a little break? If not: at least enjoy the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Les grandes vacances

  1. Hey Judith – we are all back again, kids start school this coming week – Scandinavia has July off – where the rest of Europe it's more in August people go away – so no more hold for us – but we did enjoy our stint in Nice :-) Happy weekend,

    1. Good luck with the girls going back to school (and you back to work) again! Those first weeks are always so tough, getting back into the rhythm and everything, right? I'm glad we have a few more weeks with a slower August schedule around here ;) Hope you are well, Anya! xx

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