Mix and match

Recently I somehow visited tons of interesting websites and projects, that I'd like to share with you here. Please note that most of them don't have anything to do with eachother, so the upcoming might be a bit messy.
Let's start with a stunning project where you get a peek into the interiors of an ecclectic gathering of people, called the Selby. The best part is that you actually see that people really live in these homes. For some more serious interior decoration, have a look at Domino Mag.

I was completely amazed by this project in NYC, it's so poetic and impressive. I've already left a message in some of the homes I've lived in, but never it got any further than a name and date hidden in a drawer or underneath the wallpaper. This goes a bit further. The funny part of this story, is that the mother of the family left an MP3-player in their old house, filled with songs which reminded her of the time spent in her old home. Someone brought it back to her in the new house.
Here's a very inspirational book. Plus it's matching lampshade.
If you didn't lose all your money during the crisis, you could invest it in a poetic way.
In need for some sweet inspiration for delicious treats for christmas, visit I love cuppa cakes. Yummy!
Francesca transformed ugly disability artifacts into nice fashion accessories.
And Yakkay did the same with traditional bicycle helmets.
To finish, a beautiful movie about fabrics, which absolutely reminded me of this Flickr series. Elegant beauty.

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