My personal highlights of 2014

Two thousand and fourteen was intense and left me happy and exhausted. These were some of my personal highlights: | My personal highlights of | My personal highlights of 2014
In May I opened up and shared our personal love story, the reactions were heart-warming and made me tear up. I love my husband so much! /// We finally started building a new bathroom. It’s not finished yet (we are doing everything ourselves, plumbing, walls, floors, tiling etc.) but we’re getting there. I can’t wait to take that very first shower… soon! | My personal highlights of | My personal highlights of 2014
I ran 138 times this year, gave away 3 pairs of Kalenji running shoes, suffered from painful shinsplints but finally reached my goal of 10K this week /// Our Blago blogger trip to Milan and the Lake area in Italy was so much fun and so very real. Topped off with a delicious lunch near the Lago d’Orta. | My personal highlights of | My personal highlights of 2014
Another food highlight of the year was this much anticipated lunch at Ottolenghi’s with Robert. It was SO good, I’m still dreaming of it! /// It was very rewarding to see our Urban Jungle Bloggers community grow so much this year. In November we shot a video in Paris which will be released very soon. Our last day of shooting included this incredible sunset. So cheesy but it made Igor and me very happy. | My personal highlights of | My personal highlights of 2014
2014 also marked our first full year of eating hardly any sugar. It was surprisingly easy and I baked lots of sugarfree cookies and these yummy yogurt granola bars with hand picked blueberries /// My Pinterest following skyrocketed to over 60K followers. The secret? Daily pinning, a business account (with statistics), rich pins on my own website and somehow being a suggested pinner for new Pinterest subscribers. And of course a lot of fun: pinning is addictive!

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  1. That Blago trip was one of my favourite things of 2014. I loved those days together visiting Milan, touring the lakes and chatting. We'll have to organise another trip together very soon! xo

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