Nordic light

Three weeks in the Nordics made me realize I could never live there. I totally underestimated the influence of the light and lack of darkness during spring. But at the same time the Nordic countries are so very beautiful! So much fresh air, space, rough nature and wild animals. Clean light (Scandinavian) design is everywhere too: that's what made my heart beat faster!

I had a real coup-de-cœur for the Liebe shop. Susan Liebe really amazed me with the styling of her cute little shop. Everything was so colorful, happy, and playful. A must visit if you're looking for the perfect gift for a newborn baby. The Stilleben shop in the same area of Copenhagen sells really beautiful tableware. Another coup-de-cœur I had for Granit with it's many smart solutions for storage, porcelain, glass, bathroom and kitchen products, spices, textiles and office supplies. They have stores in Sweden and Norway. Love love love!

At &pagne in Copenhagen I stumbled upon the beautiful leather bags by Yvonne Koné. At &pagne they also carry the brand Wackerhaus. I really liked the luxurious tissues Trine used for her SS11 collection.
AirBnB turned out to work just as good as I hoped. We stayed in great apartments which gave the sensation to be part of the city. It is so nice to have some space to relax and to be able to prepare your own breakfast.
Hungry? For the best burgers you should go to Illegal Burger in Oslo. They serve the best blåbær smoothies too.

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