Nuits de Feu in Chantilly

I read somewhere that…

—> this blog post disappeared: I have no idea what "I read about" in june 2006. Probably something related to the Nuits de Feu fireworks event in Chantilly. I went there for the first time, a bit by accident and it turned out to be magnificient! 14 minutes of Firework Choreography per participator, in perfect symbiosis with "La Danse du Feu" by Stravinsky. With the Castle of Chantilly as a backdrop, these were the best fireworks I had ever seen. Of course we decided to invite lots of friends for the next event. And ever since, the bi-annual Fireworks festival in Chantilly (which had some financial troubles through the years) became the perfect excuse for a Festive Weekend at Studio Sapique.

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