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Almost 2 months ago the first issue of Oh Marie! was launched. Oh Marie! is a new bilingual ( Dutch/English ) online magazine filled with beautiful photography, DIY’s, styling and vintage, all wrapped with a whimsical bow. Attendees of the launch received a piñata with a vintage gift + a little challenge: take a picture of the gift in your interior and pass it on to the next blogger. All items are part of the Fellowship of the Traveling Vintage Items.

For obvious reasons I was kind of hoping to receive the Eiffel tower, but somehow ended up with these 5 lace bobbins. As a non-crafter, I expected them to be bigger, more like a honey dipper or maracas. But of course they are tiny: they are used to create lace!

The lace bobbins traveled from Monique, to Nina, to Dee Amanda and as you read this, they are already on their way back to Holland. Astrid asked me if she could have them next: she is a little bit obsessed with lace bobbins because they remind her of … well I don't really know, but I hope she will tell us soon!

And stay tuned as the next issue of Oh Marie! is due november 24th!

6 thoughts on “Oh Marie!

  1. Me, obsessed. I only wrote Monique, Nina, Dee Amanda and Judith and begged if they would please send me those bobbins. Lucky me when Judith finally said: all right, all right. Than I watched her site, only 50 times a day, to see if and how she pictured them.
    Or the real story later?

    Wow, Judith, don't send me those lace bobbins ;). This addition is fantastic. Love the humor, love how you did it. I feel a little dispirited, or maybe even more inspired, thanks. Look forward for receiving them, nevertheless.

  2. Have to admit I lost track of the lace bobbins, until I caught up with them at Oh marie fellowship site. Love what you did to them, I'm sure they did have a nice time in France though! Wasn't lace invented there? Love what Astrid did too! :)

    1. I have no idea about the true origin of lace. I know there is one kind of lace (Chantilly) that was named after a city at 5 minutes from our home (Chantilly…). Me too, I think it's so much fun to see all the different approaches on the Oh Marie Fellowship site!

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