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Did you already see the 2 videos Nick shot here at Studio Sapique?
In the first one you see the exterior of Studio Sapique. At 00:28 you can see that we live right by the riverside. Every weekday commercial vessels pass by & on wednesdays we have rowers "joining" them. Each rowing shell comes with a trainer, who shouts instructions from a Zodiac. I'd love to give it a try some time ( not the shouting, but the rowing! ).

In the second episode we take you inside: to our entry hall with its suspended staircase. Read more about it here.
These videos are part of a series. All shot & edited by Nick from Lifely. I can't wait to show you the next one! Soon!

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    1. Our home used to be a factory, a place where resin was produced, with a laboratory and offices. It's a pretty good place to photograph, the light changes a lot with the weather because of the large glass walls, but I love it :)

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