Pearl's girl. Not a reference to the song by Underworld, but more to the magpie I am myself. I found some beautiful pearls to share with you.
We will never be green enough, so for some ultimate green inspiration, Veer created this amazing microsite. More inspiration per theme can be found in photographic webmag Purpose. The childhood edition contains some challenging images, definately worth a visit. A website I personally don't visit anymore is Atelier New York. It's too much fashion temptation to handle for me, even more now they accept international orders. I'd better pick a nice parka at Uniqlo, because their Tokyo Fashion Map is so good. Or some extremely weird but beautiful white dress shoes by Koji Horigome. Or don't spend anything and play with the good old Lego, like Jan vormann. I could make a Lego pearl necklace to pair my original Lego bracelet for example…
Almost forgot to mention the last pearl: No lifeguard on duty series by J Bennett Fitts, surreal color palette which really makes me travel far far away.

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