The other day when we drove to Ermenonville for the Rose Days, I spotted this huge field of poppies. I asked my husband to pull over and jumped out of the car to snap a few pictures. Poppies are my absolute favorite flower: they seem to grow almost everywhere, are so floppy and fragile. I love poppies so much that I added a few fake ones to my wedding bouquet. And I still dream of the enormous field of poppies somewhere between here and Paris. A few years ago it was entirely red. I guess the farmer must have loved poppies as much as I do…

Have a wonderful weekend!

8 thoughts on “Poppies!

  1. I love the fragile and delicate look of poppies. And they remind me of holidays somehow…lovely Friday post! Have a great weekend, Judith!

  2. Beautiful! Over here no abundance, but last week i suddenly spotted four vibrant red ones, the most intense-red poppies i have ever seen!

    1. Thanks Lein! Amazing right, poppies can be so intense and bright red?! But also very pale, like their color was diluted by rain or something.

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