Sapique in Hebrew | Studio Sapique featured in Mako Living Israel - guestroom with vintage letters

Last week our home was featured on two Hebrew websites: on Design Marx and Mako Living. I know that very few of you actually read Hebrew (I don't read a single word, even though my name finds its origin in Hebrew), but I'm always intrigued by scripts that read from right to left, because I think it also influences how people read an image. Try flipping a nice picture horizontally and you'll realize it doesn't "work" anymore: | Studio Sapique featured in Mako Living Israel - guestroom with vintage letters

Anyway, if you decide to read & translate the stories, you'll read that our next project is our bathroom. Of course we do have a bathroom, but there are reasons why I never ever showed it anywhere… or I actually did: in this blogpost called the Ugly Truth. Ten months flew by since writing that post, with lots of plans to build a bathroom, an ever growing Pinterest board with tons of inspiration and still… no new bathroom. So, this time it's real, it may take a while before I can show it here, but we're working on it.

Merci Merav & Sivan!

6 thoughts on “Sapique in Hebrew

  1. Hello there my Instagram frend :). I think I'm inlove in your home. It is just stunning! Actualy I would be packed and ready to move in in no time ;). I have to say one more thing, I find your idea to document your running days very interesting. I've been planing to start running for ages. It's allweys just a few time and then I start looking for all kind of excuses. This time I'm determined to do it properly…there is still time till summer to get a bit more fit ;). If you do not mind, maybe I'll copy your idea, posting it on Instagram? Maybe that'll help me to stick with it, or everybody will see what a loser I'm ;). Sending you a big hug from Ljubljana.

    1. Oh hiii Valentina! So nice to see you here! It's great to read that you're inspired to start running again. Of course, you should post a picture of your runs on your IG, it really helps to keep running and makes it a bit more interesting than just the psychical effort ;) and challenges you to look around. Once you fit running into your schedule, it becomes a habit (and a very addictive one too ;) ). Looking forward to following your runs! xx

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