Sistermail 5 - Sistermail 5

My sister decided to send me more snail mail and told me I should write about it on my blog. So I will! Always listen to your little sister!

A while ago she sent me this card by Marije Vogelzang, a well-known Dutch eating designer. Marije designs with food because nothing comes as close to humans as food: "it's something you put inside your body which means it also effects the user of your product". Discover more about her vision on food in this video or on her website.
So, back to the card, it reads: I wish you were a little egg, I would sit on you to breed you. Well, I'm not a little egg dear little sister 😉 but I love eating eggs. The fresher, the better. If we wouldn't have hungry foxes around here, I would consider having a few chicken and a rooster to wake us up… just like the one below: - Sistermail 5

Of course I'd also have some chicks: - Sistermail 5

Want to see more hens and roosters? My grandma used to keep hens and I shared my little story here.

7 thoughts on “Sistermail 5

  1. As the youngest in my family I have to agree – ALWAYS listen to your little sister ;) I'll send my sisters the link to this post now, as a gentle reminder :)

  2. fantastic. I just started to get back into snail mail. it's so nice to get good old-fashioned and three-dimensional things in the post for a change :)

  3. This is so sweet! And that picture with bird on the head is so nice :-)
    don't you love to get snail mail? Excellent choice by your little sister I think. I use to write a lot in the past, on real paper I mean and I miss it a lot.
    How do you like your eggs best?

    {I just by mistake deleted your sweet comment on my post, could you send it over again please??? I promise to be more careful with it.
    I am having such an hectic week! a nice comment does make my day at times like these}

    1. Snail mail is the best, it spices up the postbox and I love watching people's handwriting. Now that most of us write less and less (at least I do), we lose the beauty and personality of handwritten words and that's a little bit sad. Hope your hectic week is going well, Stefania! xx

      1. Yeah what an enchanting world handwriting is. I totally agree.
        My hectic week is over, thanks god is monday I say :-) i like to start all over a new week and hope it will go more smoothly. Love to work a lot, just don't like how sometimes everyday stuff get in the way. But that's life, I suppose :-)
        Wish you a good week too

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