Summer in the city | Vitamines Bar at Merci Paris | Vitamines Bar at Merci Paris | Summer at Merci Paris | Summer in Paris | Drinks at the Used Book Cafe at Merci Paris

My absolute favorite season in Paris is early springtime, when it's still chilly and the sky is pale blue. But summer isn't so bad either, especially in August when all Parisians are on holiday, shops are closed and the streets are empty… until la rentrée in September.
Last week was warm and sunny: perfect for a refreshing lemon & mint & ginger lemonade at the Used Book Café at Merci. Or some fresh fruit juice from their temporary Vitamines Bar. Do you recognize the vintage letters by Kidimo?

4 thoughts on “Summer in the city

    1. Oh yesssss please! The home is a mess right now, but you're always welcome, Jill (there's place for 5… or 1 if you prefer ;) ). Have a great weekend!

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