Super easy Cherry ice cream | easy cherry ice cream recipe

We had a busy and hot week so I made this very easy ice cream… twice! First with some beautiful strawberries from a local farmer and then again with these pretty cherries. Both flavors tasted really good and refreshing and it's actually a pretty healthy treat too. So I decided to share the super easy recipe today. You only need 4 ingredients! Fruit, water, coconut milk and sweetener (sugar, honey or sugar substitute).

First prepare the fruit. This is where it became a little messy, but I loved the color of the cherry juice so much! | easy cherry ice cream recipe

Look at that deep red color! I added water and a little bit of sucralose to the splashed cherries. But you can also add sugar, honey or agave sirop. | easy cherry ice cream recipe

Then blend the cherries and add half a can of coconut milk: | easy cherry ice cream recipe

When the mixture tastes good (add some more water or honey or cherries if needed), pour it in the ice machine. If you don't have an ice maker, use a metal bowl that you put in the freezer and wisk every 20-30 minutes. I set the timer on my phone to remind me. It took about 2 hours. But an ice maker is slightly better because it creates ice with less ice cristals, which means more creamy. | easy cherry ice cream recipe

Tadaaaah, there you have it: homemade ice cream that tastes really good. The only disappointing thing with the cherry ice cream is the color. While I loooooved the color of the juice, the final result has a rather boring antique pink hue 😉 But yummm! | easy cherry ice cream recipe

I wish you a nice ice cream worthy weekend!

4 thoughts on “Super easy Cherry ice cream

  1. I love both colors equally, the “antique” looking one is amazing!!
    This looks super yummy, but I have no freezer :( or I do, but it is the smallest thing in the whole of the Netherlands ;)
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Arghhh no freezer! The best excuse to go outside to eat ice cream though. Funny how both you and Lein love the antique pink. I'd happily share some ice cream with you ladies ;)

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