The amazing CPH view

Before taking you into downtown Copenhagen, I'll show you the view from above today!
I guess it was the exterior staircase swirling around the top of the tower like sundae ice cream, that made me convince Giova to climb to the top of the Vor Frelsers Kirke. The view over Copenhagen promised to be "amazing" from the spire. So there we went.

The first 250 steps inside a wooden winding staircase construction were small, dark and steep. We were happy to reach the outside staircase with fresh air, until we realized the tower was waving in the wind… we snapped a few pictures and with wobbling knees we started our way down to the base of the tower. Pfewie, we're such heroes 😉

90 meters and 400 steps above the ground:

The view didn't blow us away, but the young & hip Danish families celebrating a wedding at Sunday church, did. Impeccable style, great hair (Scandinavian hairdressers are the best!) and a very laid back vibe. So cool that I didn't even take a picture. Argh, next time! Although I won't climb to the top again 😉

6 thoughts on “The amazing CPH view

  1. I'm just back myself and so loved it. Copenhagen just rocks in many aspects! Oh and that church is amazing but due to Philippe's vertigo we skipped that. Instead we climbed another tower in the city center.

    1. What a great city indeed! Hahaha even their churches rock ;) How brave, that you guys still climbed a CPH tower, with one of you suffering from vertigo! Looking forward to seeing more of your Copenhagen trip :)

  2. I love seeing CPH from your view up high, Judith! I love this color yellow you seemed so attracted to, or should I say it was attracted to you? Either way, as always I enjoy all your tips and photos from the places you visit :) Thank you my friend! Jocelyn xx

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