The sweet cure

Eleven years ago, when working in fashion with lots of fabrics, I started sneezing. And I never stopped: I became "allergic". Allergic to dust, to synthetic perfumes, to dark chocolate, to alcohol, to eucalyptus… After a few years I started taking antihistamines, which keep me from sneezing all day long.
Last week I realized that I'm sneezing more since the pollen season started. Which makes me wonder whether I suffer from hay fever… Anyway, I don't want to complain (paper hankies are my best friends!), but maybe eating local honey will help me reduce the sneezing?

A happy coincidence: I met a beekeeper this weekend who was selling his honey at a brocante. His beehives are located at only 2km from our home, pretty local, right? I bought one of his jars and asked him if I could come and have a look next time he'll harvest honey. He agreed and I'm really looking forward to that. I wonder if his beehives are just as colorful as the ones we saw in Burgundy

According to Ian Douglas, honey is not a cure for hay fever, but hey: eating honey every day sounds like a pretty sweet idea to me ;o) Do you think honey can be a cure for hay fever? And do you like honey?

Designing beautiful packaging for honey would be one of my dream assignments as a graphic designer. Honey inspires many fellow designers, so I started collecting lots of their designs on my honey bee bee pinterest board:

13 thoughts on “The sweet cure

  1. Super nice!! I'm really sorry for your allergies though, as soon who suffered (past tense – knock on wood) I know how terrible it is!
    Can't wait for your post on the bees and honey recollection!

    1. Thanks Giova! Did you grow over your allergies? I'm very excited to see how the honey is harvested, will let you know how it goes :o)

  2. I love honey and I've recently noticed all the fab packaging design shared on Pinterest! Mmmh, I'm craving now a simple toast with honey:-)

    1. So many great designs, right? Enjoy your toast with honey! Sounds like a nice breakfast ehhh breakslow for the Tag der Arbeit tomorrow!

  3. Honey with Goat cheese! That's my all time favorite.
    I'm not sure what honey can heal, but I'm convinced that's pretty sweet & good medicine.

    ps. yeah, today I have a new word to type in. ;)

    1. Hahaha there are about 20 different words, so keep commenting ;o) Hmmm honey with goat cheese is delicious! Are you really such a cheese addict, Ana?!

      1. Oh yeah! I really love cheese. Also the stinky ones. ;)Couple weeks ago I visited a Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes. They produce a very good cheese, it was a dream.

  4. I can certainly vouch for local honey as a cure for hayfever – or at least my husband can! He used to suffer terribly every spring and now, thanks to local honey, he's virtually “cured”. :D

    1. Good to hear! I hope it will help me too! I've been doing it for only 1 week now and no changes yet, but I'll continue of course. It's no punishment to eat honey every day ;o)

  5. I have a German friend who said he was “cured” by eating local honey. I've tried to do it several times with no luck. But I'm going to try it again this year…my allergies have been horrible the last few weeks.

    1. Me too, it has been pretty bad so I'm giving the honey a try (along with the antihistamines that I'm addicted to). It's been a delicious adventure so far ;o) Hope it will work for you too!

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