Vintage Sapique 4

In the 9 years we have lived & worked at Studio Sapique, a mayority of the 27 rooms, housed 1 or more of our guests at a certain moment. Naturally one of the rooms in the apartment became a permanent guestroom with a regular bed and functional decoration. Including 2 huge vintage letters which totally deserve an entire blogpost on their own.

Before the renovation this room had this fancy 70s bamboo wallpaper. We thought it was just too ugly & dusty and it was in bad shape as well. After the fun job of ripping, chipping and cutting it off, we covered the walls with this simple structured wallpaper and painted it white. Much better than this dark brownish room with the double loft bed, don't you think?

2 thoughts on “Vintage Sapique 4

  1. We regularly visit Studio Sapique, and whenever we are there we leave the bedroom door open so the cats can come in if they want :) Of course it is up to those who sleep in this room if they leave the door open or not.

    Normally it is closed I believe and we are the only ones who leave it open.

    At home we also have 3 cats and our bedroom door is always open.

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