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While life is so busy here in France, I love a little distraction from layouting magazines, photoshoots and phonecalls. Even though I enjoy browsing Pinterest with all the picture-perfect homes and dreamy destinations, I like to keep it real and peek into REAL homes too. That's exactly what I love most about at{mine}. It's an online community for home and design lovers where you can upload pictures of your own home, tag the products you display and get inspired by others. Last year I was invited to join and discover the community as a beta member and very soon they will open up their platform to everyone! If you want to become part of this stylish community before anyone else (!) you can use this exclusive invite code.

JOELIX.com | Our cinema room

On at{mine} you can explore all images by category, like hallway, kitchen or bedroom. But my very favorite category is (obviously) the Urban Jungle category: lush green plants in real homes with all their beautiful imperfections. I also really like how the user experience is so well thought of: big pictures, a very clean yet friendly look, easy navigation and an entirely responsive design, for desktop, tablet or your phone. Recently I've been working on several website designs as a graphic designer and it makes me so happy if a final website not only looks good (my job) but also works smoothly. The at{mine} team did such a great job! Look at how stylish the website looks and how the photos stand out in my profile:

JOELIX.com | at{mine}

Anyway, I'd love to meet you over at{mine}!

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