Yellow Submarine

The name of the paint that I won on Iris' blog C-more makes me want to sing: Yellow Submarine! It's such a bold and vibrant color: perfect for a little spring project since the weather is so cold and grey. The door of our apartment had this weird lilac blueish color. I don't even remember where the paint came from:

By experience (our home has more than 30 doors) I know that painting a door takes more time than you'd think. Especially when you have paint that deserves to be applied perfectly well: like this beautiful satin finish Colora paint. So I started by sanding and priming like a PRO:

1 sanding  ///  2 blue dust  ///  3 priming  ///  4 more priming

And then it was time to open the can:

Look at that color!

Ready? Go!

After 3 layers of yellow submarine paint, voilà: the final result! Merci Colora and Iris!

Now all I want to do is paint the other doors of our home in funky colors too! What about rainbow doors? Or ombre doors?

28 thoughts on “Yellow Submarine

  1. So nice, bright and amazing. I've always wanted to do this, but since I'm a renter (no way jose) especially now that I see all the work that needs to be done!! Superb!

    1. Hahaha no way jose :D so true that this is definitely the advantage of owning a place. Which colors would you choose for your doors?

  2. Wauw, geweldig!! Ik vind die geel ook zo mooi! En wat is dat effect toch leuk met de deur die van kleur verspringt! Nice blog!

  3. I am loving the color, the little submarine AND the way you presented the project here. It's not that easy to make those diy-kind of posts good looking, but you did!

    1. Ohhh thank you Lena, that means a lot! I really enjoyed photographing along the painting process. I almost forgot to shoot “before”-pictures. Glad I did ;o)

  4. I have to COMPLETELY echo Lena here. Am so impressed how your visual storytelling makes a painted door look sexy. Amazing.

    Great colour. Boy, Mr Bazaar would wet himself if he would see this. Unfortunately he is somewhere in the air… x

  5. Fabulous, Judith. This is one happy door! And how fun is it to use the little tea submarine as a keyring:-) Double happy!!!

    1. Merci Igor! It completely changes my mood when I pass through the door and it reflects on all the walls around it too and makes it very sunny. Double improvement! :D

  6. Hi Judith, I made a post at my blog about the wonderful paint job you did! I love it! Here is the link to the post:

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