A handmade wooden bowl

JOELIX.com | A handmade wooden bowl #wood #diy

Handmade gifts are the best! After hours of gouging and sanding my father surprised my sister and me with a handmade wooden bowl for Christmas. It's super soft, massive and curvy. I keep wanting to touch it! And it makes me smile because it was made with love <3

Do you ever receive or make handmade gifts? What's your favorite? I also particularly love receiving drawings!

JOELIX.com | A handmade wooden bowl #wood #diy

JOELIX.com | A handmade wooden bowl #wood #diy

17 thoughts on “A handmade wooden bowl

  1. Wow, this is QUITE something- so beautifully done. I have received handmade gifts.. but mainly from children in the form of drawings.. often covered in chocolate and crumbs. haha!

  2. This is SO beautiful, what a wonderful handmade gift to receive! Indeed I love handmade gift, my grandmother made me an advent calendar this year with pathwork potholders, sock and embroided cards all handmade and she´s 86 year old. Have a lovely day

    1. Wow, Creativity runs in your family: such a precious gift your grandmother made for you! Definitely something to keep for years to come. Did you know she was making you something, or was it a complete surprise?

  3. Very beautiful! Handmade gifts are gorgeous, and even better when they come from gifted people… (If not – well… Also “nice”.) I'm lucky to have a father who is an artist and designer and I never received anything but handmade gifts from him – chairs, lamps, trays, jewellery… Many of them are my biggest treasures.

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