Kidimo in Paris | Kidimo in Paris

If I'll ever make it to Las Vegas, I want to visit the Neon Museum. It's basically a huge collection of old and newer signs that contributed to the history of the gambling capital of the world. From the pictures I've seen online, it's pretty rad (if you like signs of course). But if you can't make it to Vegas, or you prefer decorating your home or office with nice letter signs, there is Kidimo in Paris. I've been a longtime follower of Nicolas Flachot's work online and had only seen Kidimo's popup shop at Merci a few years ago. But last week, sweet Lauren reminded me he also has an awesome store so I went for a little visit. A true letter nirvana. | Kidimo in Paris | Kidimo in Paris

I didn't buy any letters, because we still have a few Restaurant letters left and very few walls. But I think we will use some in our new bathroom! | Kidimo in Paris

Nicolas collects lots of French letters: some that you recognize immediately (like the Casino grocery store one below), some from Eastern Europe or Argentina. All ready to form new words, like r e s p i r e (breathe): | Kidimo in Paris

Last week Kidimo opened their Cave of Ali-bla-bla at night! Can you image what it must have looked like? Neons lighting up everywhere <3 (here's how!) | Kidimo in Paris

Oh and please, if you decide to buy some words at Kidimo, choose something else than "home" or "cuisine" or "bath". Make a word that truly means something to you or that has a beautiful look or sound. I've seen way too many ugly signs with bad typography. You're worth it! | Kidimo in Paris

Kidimo /// 227, rue Saint Denis /// 75002 Paris /// +33 685 42 93 42

8 thoughts on “Kidimo in Paris

  1. Oh I see you made it there that day! Such a cool and creative place full of forms and colours! Did you buy something in the end?

    1. Yes, I happened to be in the neighborhood ;) No didn't buy anything (can you imagine?!) because I first want to find a nice place for our Restaurant letters. In our new bathroom probably!

    1. Hahaha that's the risk with these kind of places. So so good! Have you ever been to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas? Or anything alike?

    1. Hahaha I'm so pragmatic about purchases ;) Plus I have some beautiful restaurant letters waiting for a nice wall to hang them onto. Have you ever been to Glypics in London? It's not as full & vintage as Kidimo, but beautiful letters & signs there too. And you can order your own custom ones too…

  2. Ha ha I love your final word… so true that seeing these nouns are a bit of a bore! What a fab concept for a store love it and would get totally lost in there. Mel xx

    1. Hihi I spent quite some time wandering around ;) There's so much to see & read. Yeah, I know, those nouns are so boring! Do you have any letters at home, Mel?

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