My exploding jungle | My exploding jungle

It's been a while since I showed you some pictures of my jungle. Most of my plants seem to be extremely happy to be back in the greenhouse again, after spending a few months in their winter storage. My Purple Heart plant above surprised me with its first and one & only purple flower! It opened on an afternoon, I forgot to take a picture and it's pink and closed ever since. I think it's maybe a one-day-flower? | My exploding jungle

This fellow really amazed me. He grew 16 new ears! It's a brother of my favorite cactus: | My exploding jungle

Even Dwjareb doesn't understand how the Aloë Vera plants became so big: | My exploding jungle

The nasturtium plant is everywhere in the greenhouse. It grows fast and we have new Indian Cress flowers every day. I think the entire plant is now about 25 meters long and it makes the entire greenhouse smell very sweet: | My exploding jungle

Some of the paddle cactus leaves I planted in the soil (not in a pot) last year, started growing new ears (in the back): | My exploding jungle

And the potted ones are happy too: | My exploding jungle

I hope for all of you Urban Jungle Bloggers, that your plants are thriving too! And if not, maybe a nice new plant pot will motivate them to grow bigger? Please feel welcome to join the new edition of Urban Jungle Bloggers this Thursday, as it's all about creative plant pots. More info on our Facebook page.

More pictures of my urban jungle: here, here and here 🙂

7 thoughts on “My exploding jungle

  1. This is so so cool, Judith. Oh my, your aloe vera plants are growing so high, very fun looking! I am happy to report that all my herbs are thriving and my paddle leaf cactus is finally growing a new paddle – so happy! And can't wait to kick off our new UJB topic this Thursday with you!

    1. Yeah, I think the Aloë Vera lack some direct sunlight, so they grow as high as possible to catch the maximum of sun rays. Super cool that your paddle leaf cactus is growing a new baby. I love the process of it. First a little bump and soon a fresh new green leaf. Very happy to continue our UJB adventure together. It's fun!! :)

  2. looks amazing. I'm back in Malaysia, and our garden has exploded since I left six months ago. it's slowly turning into a jungle too :)

  3. looks amazing. I'm back in Malaysia, and our garden has exploded since I left six months ago. it's slowly turning into a jungle too :)

  4. Het is alweer even geleden dat ik hier kwam buurten en wat heb ik veel moois gemist! Voor mij was t trouwens een enorme verrassing dat mijn paarse plant ging bloeien! ;)

    1. Leuk je weer te “zien”, Ruth! Zo mooi he zo'n plant-verrassing? Zijn er bij jou nog meer bloemetjes uit gekomen? De mijne heeft nog drie nieuwe bloemetjes gemaakt op dezelfde plek en ze blijven iedere keer maar maximaal 1 dag open. Ik hou er van :)

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