My island getaway in Stockholm

When planning my trip to Stockholm I was looking for a calm & inspiring place to stay. Conference days are long and though being among awesome people is wonderful, a place to recharge my batteries was important. I remembered the Skeppsholmen island from my first trip to Stockholm in 2011 when we visited the Moderna Museet. We walked around the island, at only 15 minutes from the city center, and appreciated the sea view.

(photo by Hotel Skeppsholmen)

When I was invited* to stay at Hotel Skeppsholmen it sounded like a great place. But little did I know that it would be so very perfect. I arrived at the hotel in the early evening and was welcomed by two (real!) ice sculptures and candle light along the pathway. The guy at the front desk was all smiles and very helpful. Oh and he was, like the entire staff, dressed by Swedish fashion brand Acne!

Walking to my room was intruiging: the corridor was really long and painted in a melancholic grey color, which appeared very Swedish to me. Actually the building of Hotel Skeppsholmen was built from 1699 with bits & pieces of ruined castles from the countryside and was called The Long Row. Over the years, it housed Navy staff, was used as a hospice for poor & plaque infected people, and then again was used by the Navy as offices, warehouses and apartments.

The hotel consists of 2 long buildings, so if you're staying in the second building like I was, you hop outside and use your keycard to get across.

As The Long Row buildings are part of Sweden's heritage, the entire interior is removable without deteriorating the original parts of the building. The walls in the breakfast room for example, are made of glass panels. Clever solution, right?

Breakfast at Hotel Skeppsholmen is really good. It includes beautiful homemade breads, traditional Swedish crisp bread, delicious granola & muesli, fresh juices, bacon & scrambled eggs & sausages ( presented in beautiful Le Creuset cookware! ) and of course homemade kannelbullar <3

Everything I needed to start a beautiful day in Stockholm!

Hope you like it so far! There is much more I want to share with you, so check back soon as I'll show you my room and some Swedish design elements from the hotel…

* I stayed at Hotel Skeppsholmen free of charge, but all words and images are my own. I had a wonderful stay :o)

12 thoughts on “My island getaway in Stockholm

  1. My wife and I stayed at the Hotel Skeppsholmen in 2010. It really is a nice place. The hotel shared your post on its Facebook page.

    I blogged about it here:

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip to Sweden. Will check out your blog.

    1. Thanks for your message Tom! My trip to Sweden was wonderful. I'm already back home and will be sharing more of Stockholm in the next coming days/weeks. Looks like you both had a good time in Sweden as well!

  2. It looks like a very nice hotel. Did not know it before. I am really enjoying your posts about Stockholm. I was planning to talk about places I visited in Sweden en Stockholm: few hotels, shops and a few restaurants too ;-) it all started inspired by your first stockholm post some time ago. I had forgotten about how much I like Stockholm as it'a bit I am not going there. Thanks :-)

    1. Hotel Skeppsholmen is really nice. In the summer you can swim in the sea just outside! Looking forward to seeing what you'll share about your visit to Sweden!!

  3. Wat leuk om jouw bevindingen en foto's te zien over Stockholm. Heerlijke stad he?! Dacht al zoveel mooie adresjes gevonden te hebben, maar kom er nu hier ook weer een paar hele fijne tegen!…toch nog eens terug gaan denk ik (maar dan in de winter, lijkt me ook bijzonder) Leuk!

    1. Stockholm is 'n hele fijne stad inderdaad! Als je in de winter terug gaat, moet je zeker mijn mini shopping guide even checken, je kent er al een boel van maar ontdekt vast nog wel 'n paar nieuwe adresjes:

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