One Bunting Away

Since like forever I love receiving snail mail. I've kept all the (love!)-letters & postcards I've ever received in big tins. What I like most is people's handwriting, it reveals so much!

I love sending snail mail too. If you follow me on Facebook you already know that I bought some colorful stamps in Portugal a few weeks ago: to send some holiday-love to my family & friends.

Yesterday I received a lovely postcard from Giova. She writes a crafty blog with her sister Gianni, who lives in NYC, One Bunting Away from Giova's hometown Amsterdam. We met in Berlin and spent quite some time sightseeing, street art spotting & talking and have been in touch ever since. Giova also has an elephant memory: she remembered I love Quentin Blake's work and sent me a limited edition Roald Dahl stamp: Charlie showing the golden ticket. Yihaah!

So these buntings ( from Bayonne ) are for you Giova!

6 thoughts on “One Bunting Away

  1. WOW!!!! Thanks so much for the post!!! I'm so glad you got the card and liked it! And those buntings are so amazing!! Thank you so much for such a cool picture and post, really!!

  2. Oh my!!! That bunting picture is so beautiful! Yeah and when it comes to snail mail my sister does the most amazing envelopes and cards!

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