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Since like forever I had been wanting to visit the brick and mortar store of Present and Correct in London. Their online presence is so so good, clever, hilarious and witty. If you love checkboxes and beautiful forms, their website is heaven. Plus who has ever enough notebooks, pencils or vintage office supplies? My job is rather digital, but it's my not-so-secret pleasure that I love having all kinds of scissors, pencil sharpeners, rulers, staplers around to shape my offline ideas. | Present & Correct London

Little did I know that the Present & Correct shop is stationary heaven, but it was torture to choose something to bring home! So many vintage notebooks, postcards, pens, staplers, erasers, brushes, paperclips, organising tools, envelopes, planners, calendars, tape dispensers… What would you choose? | Present & Correct London

Look at those pink eraser brushes: | Present & Correct London

Gorgeous gold foil post cards and notebooks with lines or grids and more… | Present & Correct London

pencils and more notebooks with block grids: | Present & Correct London

mini notebooks, washi tape, staples in vintage boxes: | Present & Correct London

and more: | Present & Correct London

L'agenda de l'année: | Present & Correct London

I totally forgot I need new glue! This green bottle looks great. I also wishlisted this vintage Super tube organiser and brought home a Present & Correct notebook. | Present & Correct London

Present & Correct /// 23 Arlington Way /// London EC1R 1UY /// +44 20 7278 2460
Open tuesday to saturday 12 – 18:30 /// but of course you can shop ONLINE!

9 thoughts on “Present & Correct in London

  1. What a lovely shop – I want everything in your photos! I think I would get lost in it and never want to leave! Must visit when next I am in London. :)

    1. I'm just like you, I didn't want to leave and it took me a long long time to make my choice. Let me know what you'll bring home, next time you're visiting, Tochi ;)

    1. Aah oui, c'est carrément l'enfer ! Ultra compliqué de faire son choix, mais la visite vaut le détour : c'est parfait pour y faire son shopping de noël par exemple… (je dis ça je dis rien hihi ;) ).

    1. Oh cool! Dat wordt nog lastig, er is zoveel moois, ik kon echt nauwelijks kiezen. En ook zo leuk om er vintage Nederlandse schriftjes en postzegels te vinden. Beetje jeugdsentiment ;) Alvast veel plezier als je gaat, Lonneke!

  2. I would get ruined myself here! I have a love for note books and do stack them. The funniest thing is whenever I need one, I feel they are too pretty to use them. And then I work with the Muji ones again…:-) Lovely tip, Judith! x

    1. You're totally right, Gudy, it's so tough to start using a new gorgeous notebook! But it's one of these things that I use every day, so it better be a nice one, right?! Hope you are well! xx

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