Urban Jungle Bloggers #19

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers Plant Gang

Voilà, this is my personal plantgang! For the May edition of Urban Jungle Bloggers we are celebrating plant diversity by showing our collections of plants. It's almost impossible for me to show you my entire plant gang… well actually I did it a while ago and it litteraly took me an afternoon to gather them all in one place: 150 plants is just too much 😉 So today I'm showing a selection with some of my favorite plants.

My Euphorbia trigona rubra is a fairly new plant (I adopted it last month) and because she looked so sad & dry I wasn't sure if she would survive. But the other day I saw her fresh green tips! Hurray!

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers Plant Gang

The fan palm tree on top of my sidetable is actually one of the palm trees I grew from handpicked seeds. It's not mine anymore but a temporary resident at Studio Sapique! I love how it looks amongst my plants.

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers Plant Gang

From all the plants in the world, I love Opuntia cacti the most. They grow so easily, can get really big and grow in impressive and strange ways. Oh and it's not the one in the front, that's another Euphorbia succulent, but the right one in the back:

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers Plant Gang

What do you think of this bubbly cutie? It's one of my other favorites because it has the prettiest blue-ish pale color:

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers Plant Gang

Playing around with your growing buddies is a lot of fun: making a playful composition with bigger and smaller plants, in all their rich variety, just like a regular "gang". Will you show us your #plantgang too?

JOELIX.com | Urban Jungle Bloggers Plant Gang

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17 thoughts on “Urban Jungle Bloggers #19

  1. Oh my, your plant gang is such a fun, cheerful and quirky one, Judith!! I love how each member is super individual and grows in all kind of directions:-) Super cool & here's to many more plant gangs!

  2. Wousa! 150 plants. Amazing!

    I also thought it would be hard to show all plants. In my case I have now 3 Terrariums and some hanging plants, plus my Kokedamas…. so a little photo session on la terrace seemed appropriate.

    Love that your plant is showing a bit of life. It's so satisfying when that happens and you are the best plant nurse I know:-))

    Thanks for another great UJB x

  3. So many gorgeous plants! Love your photos and the plant gang idea. Really impressed with your palm trees grown from handpicked seeds. Well done! x

  4. All those shapes and sizes! Plants can be so endearing, especially when they're a bit floppy or crooked :D Love it! So good that you were able to rescue that plant, it's a real beauty. xx

  5. Oh you must be proud of that palm tree Judith! I'm impressed you grew that from seed… so rewarding. I'm with you on the Opuntia cacti, I had one once. Actually it was the first give I gave Guillaume. I cut a piece with my swiss army knife in Portugal and stuck it in a pot of sand… it travelled around with us in our combi van, spiking us all the time until I arrived in Toulouse to give it to him… so fond memories… But 150 plants! Still can't believe that… I hope that you have some kind of automatic watering system..

  6. Judith this plant gang is adorable! Many interesting pieces and something I am striving towards, lots of inspiration for my next plants shopping I can tell you :-)
    So far I also have an Euphorbia trigons, the Opuntia cactus is really fun, I should try one too.
    My plant gang is also on line, now.
    I will continue to look at other urbanjunglebloggers collection, love this month topic.

  7. A real plant paradise! Looks truly divine Judith, all those gorgeous pretties and you know how to nurse them just the way they like it:-) Have to gather and share my plant gang too!
    Wishing you a joyeux weekend,

  8. I can always count on Urban Jungle Bloggers to give me more plants to add to my wishlist! This time it's those fan palms, they are stunning! I love your curated plant gang, they are all so sculptural and fun.

  9. The Opuntia cacti are so cute, but where I live, we are not allowed to have them (in the state of QLD and most of Australia) :( Love your Green (& blue!) Gang!

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