À la plage, à la piscine

Graphic, stylized, fun, sunny & colorful: these photos by Gray Malin have it all. He took these photos from a doorless helicopter hovering over beaches in France, the US, Brazil, the Caribbean & Australia. The series is called "À la page, à la piscine" and is perfect for the ones ( including me ) who spend their summer far from a beach.

But for our own beach break in september, I'd rather prefer this:

Copyright by Gray Malin: "The destination your walls have been waiting for".

6 thoughts on “À la plage, à la piscine

  1. These are awesome. Zandvoort yesterday was much, much more crowded than this though… not as pretty, haha!

    Where will you go for your beach holiday? I'm always interested in finding new beaches to go to!

    1. Haha, even Gray Malin's more crowded beaches look pretty! So maybe Zandvoort is nice from above too?
      We haven't decided on which beach exactly: but probably somewhere in Spain or Portugal! I'll keep you posted :o)

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