A little spring party!

JOELIX.com | A little spring party!

What a week! I hope yours was just as fun as mine although maybe slightly less chaotic? Thank you everyone for the super kind messages, tweets, DMs, emails about the new green Go Green campaign that we as Urban Jungle Bloggers launched with IKEA. Read all about it here.

JOELIX.com | A little spring party!

The other day the weather was so extremely nice that I sneaked outside and hung the IKEA solar-powered LED lights in the tree in the garden. It looked like a party. That's exactly what I'm ready for! While you read this, there will be a film crew at our home for more fun. Let's hope it will go as smoothly as possible and that we can pop some champagne afterwards 😉

JOELIX.com | A little spring party!

JOELIX.com | A little spring party!

Oh and I shot a mini-video from our greenhouse. It's wobbly, but Nick approved it, so here it is:

[[movie vimeo,121950790,312,555]]

Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “A little spring party!

  1. Those solar powered lantern lights are so cute. I want some! So perfect for summer parties. How long does the light last for? Mel x
    p.s. nice video – and not wobbly at all!

    1. Thank you Mel! According to the description the lanterns last for 12 hours (and you only have to change batteries after 2 years). That's long enough for a party until sunrise ;)

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