A mini Melon update

Tadaa! I'm proud to report that the melon plant I showed you a few weeks ago, is growing ONE small melon! When I came home from Copenhagen, this was what I saw:

In the past few days this mini melon has been growing bigger and bigger every day. Only a few more weeks, I guess, until I can harvest this one Charentais* melon. Enough time to think about what I'll do with it… any suggestions?

* turns out it's not a Honeydew melon… but a Charentais Cantaloupe! oops! well, it's still a melon after all 😉

10 thoughts on “A mini Melon update

  1. Yay!! What joy!!
    I suggest: eat it pure! That way is the best to taste the richness in taste of a self-grown melon. Nothing beats the taste of a perfectly ripe melon (except the taste of any other perfectly ripe fruit ;P). And second suggestion: eat it slow :)

  2. I love anything miniature! You must be very proud of your melon! I have a great recipe for a Chilled Melon Soup with Fresh Mint and Champagne if you're interested! It's very very delicious.

    1. Hmmm your recipe sounds delicious! I think I'll eat this one pure and slow (as suggested by Lein). But now that I know how to grow them, I already plan more melon plants for next year… melon soup here I come ;) But first this little one needs to grow bigger!

    1. Yep, I think I'll eat it pure and slow after all. I hope it will grow up to a normal melon size (around 15cm diameter), but it's pretty cold already, so not sure if it will grow much bigger. Hope so :)

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