A paper globe

This weekend I got the flue. After lots of sleep, painkillers and oranges, I felt a little better and made this paper globe. We saw several of these beautiful paper globes in Stockholm and when Elodie ( of the pretty flower & decoration blog Madame Love ) sent me a link to Joachimesque's Le Paper Globe, I couldn't wait to make one.

I have been dreaming of a white globe for a few years now, because I like the idea of coloring all the countries in the world that I've visited. Even though I have no particular intention of "coloring" the entire world ;o)

The nice thing about this globe is that you don't need any glue. It fits together perfectly. I didn't have any sturdy paper in stock and simply printed it on 90grams paper. And it worked!

You can find the template & assembling instructions of this globe right here.

8 thoughts on “A paper globe

  1. Wonderful, I love this idea. I must steal it from you, coloring all the visited countries ;-) it looks gorgeous also in white though. Get well soon, we are also fighting the flu over here, it's very annoying especially when it's snowing outside and it looks all gorgeously white that screams for us to get out and play!

    1. I know :o( being ill is never fun, but “fortunately” the weather hasn't been great here (no snow & no sun). Enjoy the paper globe, it's really fun to do with kids too. It can be a playful way of learning about other countries!

    1. It's 14 sheets of paper, so maybe a little heavy to send in a simple envelope ;o) But you can also send the link to Joachimesque's globe site. It's so easy & fun to make! Enjoy!

  2. Love it! We have something similar at home, but instead of coloring in the countries, you scratch off a coat of gold ink and there's color underneath. This white one is so nice though.

  3. So sorry to hear you've been ill! :(
    Coincidentally, my husband had the {man} flu that same weekend.

    I LOVE your paper globe and so would my daughter. Such a brilliant idea – thanks for sharing it! :)

    P.S. I'm off to enrol on Anne Ditmeyer's course: http://www.skillshare.com/Map-Design-Learn-to-Communicate-Places-Beautifully/1003892661/812423379?refId=8453787

    Sounds like something you might enjoy. :)

    1. Still not feeling well, but I'm trying to get as much sleep as I can get. So fun that we get to “meet” again during Anne's class, Chi! I enrolled a few weeks ago. It will be so much fun! Hope you'll enjoy the paper globe with your daughter; it's really simple but so much fun!

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