A ridiculous bike trip

Last week I did something quite ridiculous: I joined au5v on their annual bicycle trip around the neighborhood to see the local xmas illuminations. That doesn't sound very ridiculous in itself but we wore Santa hats, our bikes were decorated, and 2 xmas trees were in the bakfiets and bicycle carrier. And we also played loud xmas music.

It was raining & cold and the streets were empty. But we spotted a few kitschy & over-the-top decorated houses! Completely different styles than the illuminations at the Place Vendôme where I was the night before…

Of course dog Léla joined us on this trip too. With her owner Aurore she will be traveling through South America next year to give support to handicapped kids. Read more about their plans here.

After 2 hours in the cold & rain, it was time for some hot chocolate ( or whisky for some ). It was nice meeting some new fellow Isariens and visit a few neighborhoods where I had never been before.

Oh and did you see au5v's new logo in the first picture? Made by yours truly :o)

10 thoughts on “A ridiculous bike trip

  1. Hi Judith,
    The bike ride was perhaps a little ridiculous, but the idea was avangardist! The proof is on the net: I send you the link of a video posted one day after your post, on the same subject, the Christmas lights in town …. with the same music. Yes !!! Plagiarism or coincidence ?
    The author of this video, your compatriot from 's-Hertogenbosch, is one most famous ( also my favorite) bike advocate in the world. Known on internet by his nickname, Markenlei, he did for Mankind, 12 years ago, something more incredible than the first foot on the moon!
    I will offer a little present to whom will say us what he did…
    The link to the video is:

    1. Wow we were SUPER avant-gardiste! And what a coincidence! Did you know, I was born in 's-Hertogenbosch (and lived there for a few years too!). I have absolutely no idea how Mark revolutionized the world… once I'll find out, I'll let you know! Merci Fred!

  2. Hi Judith

    We were not ridiculous. We were enthusiast, happy together, giving joy to other people in the street …

    You forgot to show picture of Fabrice velomobiel

    Happy xmas.


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