A snow white recipe

After the past few hectic months, I wanted to create something quiet & soft. And delicious! When I stumbled upon this recipe by Lisa from MakeMyLemonade ( check her cute GIFs! ) I knew this was what I wanted. It's actually one of my favorite Vietnamese desserts with a twist. Very rich, soft and pretty. I just love the texture of tapioca pearls!

You'll need:
200ml light coconut milk
3 tsp milk
1 banana
100g tapioca pearls (at your Asian supermarket)
fresh ginger

Cook the tapioca pearls in water and stir until they become translucent. This took me so long! I read somewhere that you can also soak the pearls in water, so that's what I'll try next time. Sift the tapioca pearls and get rid of the sticky water mixture.

Then cook the tapioca pearls in the milk and coconut milk for 3-4 minutes. Grate the ginger above the pan. Pour the tapioca milk over the sliced banana into your bowl or glass. Chill your dessert in the refrigerator before serving. Bon appétit!

Bowl & spoon by Ineke Hans for Royal VKB

4 thoughts on “A snow white recipe

    1. Thanks Giova! I should try that next time, because boiling the pearls took so much time!
      Try it: tapioca with coconut milk and banana and ginger tastes pretty good ;o)

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