Goodbye 2012!

2012 was a great year for traveling. We started the year in Bretagne and traveled by night train to Perpignan that same month. I was in London in march and went to Berlin in may where I met so many cool people at The Hive.

We also spent a few days in Provence. <3

I prepared for our trip to Spain & Portugal by looking back at previous travels to Sweden, Iceland (one  two  tree), Egypt, Norway, Corsica, Greece and Denmark.

In Portugal I made my first little video:

Of course I went to Holland several times, including a visit to Hello Etsy at PHE in Eindhoven. In november I spent a weekend in Antwerp and discovered the Verbeke Foundation.

On all of these travels I spotted tons of interesting letter signs & typography that I featured in the Typography of Travel series.

Closer to home I started "Styloise", to discover more about my home region, the Oise in France, through the eyes of its people. I met some very interesting people by doing this and am looking forward to meeting more fellow Isariens in 2013!

In springtime I styled an image for Llamas Valley and our home was the decor for a photoshoot. The result went live in october when our home was featured in IKEA family live magazine. A wonderful reward after years of hard work, which I "revisited" in my Vintage Sapique series.

I really enjoyed preparing more things in the kitchen and styling the (simple) desserts I made.

On a more personal note: my husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and soon we will be 3 living at Studio Sapique, as Rose is coming to live with us for 6 months during her internship in Paris!

Goodbye 2012!
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6 thoughts on “Goodbye 2012!

  1. Ooh wat klinkt dat geweldig jouw jaar! Te gek al dat reizen, is ook iets wat ik graag doe. Prachtige foto's trouwens weer!
    Ik wens je alvast een te gek 2013 toe!

  2. Inderdaad wat een super fijn jaar! Erg leuk om via jouw blog een beetje mee te genieten van je mooie reizen :-) Een heel fijn 2013, maak er weer zo'n mooi jaar van! Lieve groet Cindy

    1. Haha thanks Tina! I'm looking forward to returning to The Hive, loved it in 2012! And I will attend Meettheblogger in Stockholm, so probably not the London edition in march… And you?

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