A surprising 2007

At this time of the year, when television programs are mostly looking back at the highlights of last year, I’m mostly looking forward to the new year. Filled with new fresh ideas and opportunities and of course true wishes and hope. What will 2007 bring us? After 26 New Years photos, my family and I decided it was a good idea to gather all our New Years Cards and show them online. It's a unique collection of black and white pictures which all tell a different story. Made in my dad's photo studio or outside in the snowy garden freezing off our fingers. I remember all our Christmas days with the smell of freshly developed photos, drying on a clothes line. With the rise of digital photography that typical photo smell disappeared and most of the stress as well. My sister and I joined the New Years Card team a few years ago which enabled us to do some retouching. We are still all together when making our annual photo, but the final result is not 100% natural anymore. Look how surprised we look to the camera! I hope 2007 will bring us many positive surprises… and to you too!

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