At the Paris Air Show

This weekend I spent some time in this male dominated environment called the Paris Air Show. Lots of state of the art aircrafts, engine noise and numerous drones, which I guess is the latest aeronautic hype. I was mostly drawn to the blue white and red smoke from the Patrouille de France team that performed above our heads. It had the same effect on me as fireworks… Woahhh!!! And it looks rather romantic too, don't you think?

10 thoughts on “At the Paris Air Show

  1. Loving the bleu, blanc, rouge – fab images, wish they had more things like that in denmark ;-)
    Have a sunny day love,

    1. I heard there is an airshow later this year in Roskilde, but the smoke will probably be red & white only ;) Enjoy your wednesday, Anya!

  2. I bet you took the best pictures – and very different from all the other ones!- in this male dominated environment. Love love love the first one! And all the rest, too!

    1. Hahaha merci Lena! There were tons of photographers out there, so I'm sure there are many high quality photos of the event. But 99% of them were male, so from a very different perspective indeed ;)

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