Au revoir Paris, hei Helsinki! | Au revoir Paris, hei Helsinki

Two weeks ago I walked past Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge for the first time since the Paris attacks. I never really felt the urge to see the places where such tragic events took place, with my own eyes. Somehow I ignored that they put up colorful buntings shortly after the attacks. On the buntings of colorful fabrics people and children from the neighborhood wrote messages of peace and kindness. And look at it: doesn't it look SUPER powerful?! | Au revoir Paris, hei Helsinki

Today I'm leaving my beloved French capital to explore the Finnish capital Helsinki for a week. Snow, Finnish design, saunas and Laskiaissunnuntai. Yes the latter is a fancy Finnish word for shrove buns, or cream puffs. Yummm! I missed the typical Swedisch version Semla when in Stockholm a few years ago, so I can't wait to indulge 😉 | Au revoir Paris, hei Helsinki

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3 thoughts on “Au revoir Paris, hei Helsinki!

  1. Missing the “semla” is not such a big loss as I see it… I personally don't like them. Too sweet. They are everywhere from just after Xmas until Easter…
    Have a nice time in Helisinki.

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