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This summer has been a busy month with lots of visitors here at Studio Sapique, or should I say Hotel Sapique? Friends & family & new friends, all relaxed and in a perfect holiday-mood. In a month from now it will be our turn for some traveling and I can't wait! Especially after writing about our past adventures in Corsica, Egypt, Sweden, Iceland… Today we'll go back to Denmark. Join in & enjoy!

In may 2011 we went on a road trip to Scandinavia. Our first stop was on the island of Fyn, where we visited friends at the Remida Center Odense, a creative center where children are encouraged to develop their creativity using excess material. A very inspiring place. We also stopped at Brandts, the Art Center which houses the Kunsthallen, Denmarks Mediamuseum, and the Photography Museum. And had a coffee at Cafe Biografen at Brandts, which also houses a cult cinema.

The Egeskov castle is filled with "collections" of intesting stuff: cars, bikes, toys, dolls, dresses, aircrafts, furniture and more. My favorites were the vintage copper pudding mold collection and the display of vintage toys in transparent bubbles.

One of the highlights of our visit to Denmark, was Legoland. My husband wishlisted to visit the parc almost 35 years ago when he read about it in a Lego catalogue. Legoland is ultra cute & a little retro with miniature Lego houses, giant Lego palm trees, boats & trains, Duplo houses and an underwater world with a Lego submarine & Crabzilla. If you like Lego, you'll love Legoland :o)

Copenhagen is a great city for shopping. It's home of some of the best shops I've seen in Scandinavia. Vintage ( genbrug ) shopping is big too, there are a lot of second hand shops & fleamarkets everywhere. We were lucky to find a Fog & Mørup lamp for 50DKK (10USD) on a flea market in Nørrebro, near the apartment we rented through AirBnB.

One of my favorite shops in Copenhagen were:
Liebe ( Kompagnistræde 23 ) with supercute handmade tableware, vases, door knobs, stationary and so much more.
Stilleben ( Læderstræde 14 ) with beautiful tableware, cups, plates, vases, mugs, glassware…
Lego store ( Vimmelskaftet 37 ) where you can see what's in a Lego box through augmented reality!
&pagne ( Hyskenstræde 7 ) women's fashion ( V Ave Shoe Repair, Camilla Skovgaard, Vibe Johansson and more )
Søstrene Grene cute & inexpensive shops for tiny decoration goodies, candles, storage boxes, notebooks and more.
Another Nué ( Krystalgade 3, near Henrik Vibskov and Wood Wood ) for their great selection of women's wear with brands like Yvonne Koné, Nué Notes, and Wackerhaus.

Like in all the Nordic countries, the coffeehouse culture is really well developed. You can meet up with friends or family to spend some time together while tasting deliciousssssss Danish pastries and cookies. It's called fika in Swedish. Most coffeehouses are very child friendly too. One of the best we visited was in Vesterbro, at the end of the Vesterbrogade.

Read more about our trip to Denmark on the lovely Bloesem blog!

6 thoughts on “Back to… Denmark

  1. YES! Remember Rob saying, he was only missing bacon at Legoland, and his life would be complete. Also, LOVE Stilleben – their Omaggio series for Kähler is incredible :) You guys should come visit again soon :>

    1. Hahaha yeah the bacon :D Hope to visit again anytime soon!
      Oh and you like HUGE vases, Kristian! I really liked the tiniest ones, those oval jars in matte porcelain by Julie Bonde… so pretty!

  2. Hubby and I both grew up playing with Lego, so Legoland is a place where we'd go crazy. Always wanted to go to Copenhagen, I hope I get a chance to check out your recommendations… they all look great!

    1. Copenhagen is great! Legoland in Billund is >250 km away from Copenhagen, so you might need a car to get there. But it's all worth it! We had so much fun!

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